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 I have an infant and a toddler and I have bought and sold so much stuff at this store! It saves me $$ and it's better for our environment to recycle. I especially appreciate how genuine and nice the staff are. My 2 year old can be a real challenge sometimes-tearing through stores and being loud.  Jelli Beanz is one of the few stores that I can allow her to be out of a stroller and be semi free to play without  looks/comments from staff as has happened at other kid stores in this county. Thank you for being a great place for kids and parents!
~ Freja

My sister-in-law had a baby last year, and at the time, she raved and raved about a gem of a baby store she had found, where clothing and toys were incredibly affordable, without style or taste being compromised. Her new treasure chest? Jelli Beanz, the winner of this year’s Best Store for Baby Clothes. (Trust me, I remember some of the clothes her little baby wore, and they were darn cute, so this trusty store more than deserves its win.) Besides offering an extraordinary selection of new and used baby items, Jelli Beanz also offers general kids’ things like toys, and maternity clothes as well. The space can also be rented out for parties, and customers can trade in their used baby items to acquire credit to the store. As everyone knows, having a baby can be quite costly, but by making wise choices, you can be cost-conscious in your preparation for your newborn. Think of Jelli Beanz like a snazzy, organized, stylish version of Toys R Us, but with shockingly discounted prices. You can’t go wrong here. Neither can your baby. And if you’re headed to a baby shower anytime soon, there’s no need to burst your wallet; you can head to Jelli Beanz and find a perfectly suitable toy for that 1-year-old. Jelli Beanz—it’s as sweet as a real jelly bean.
~ Christa Martin

I'm so glad to have found a place where I can trade in things that my older son isn't using anymore (clothes, toys, etc.) and get new things for him and my new baby. The staff at Jelli Beanz are very helpful and knowledgeable. My son loves playing with the toys and in the kitchen and reading area.
~ Heather, Santa Cruz

As a grandparent with three new grandchildren, it is always nice (and necessary) to find a local store like Jelli Beanz with quality baby clothes, toys and equipment at discounted prices. Selection is great, staff is helpful, quality is outstanding and price is affordable. What more can I ask!
~ Bruce, Davenport

My wife and I have been to Jelli Beanz almost every week since our second child was born. We've bought both beds, clothing and toys from them. I like the selection and it is so much easier than trying to buy things on Craigslist. I recommend Jelli Beanz to all my friends.
~ Jason, Santa Cruz